Princes Town Resort


Princes Town Resort


The name Princes Town is derived from the 16th century Prince Frederik of Brandenburg, Prussia, who financed the construction of the nearby Fort Groot Frederiksburg. Princes Town was initially called "Kpokezoe" and today is the seat of the Dodobo royal family. In keeping with this rich regal history, the Princes Town resort offers luxury accommodation fit for kings and queens.

A limited release of luxury residences facing the lagoon and around the golf course is available to you. Choose between  a bare land purchase for a self-built home according to the resort's strict architectural guidelines or commission a designer home to be delivered turnkey from the developer, the choice is yours!

The first records of golf being played in its birthplace of Scotland appeared around the same time the Brandenburger expedition first set foot in what is now Princes Town. The resort will boast West Africa's only world class golf course complementing the hotel's beach club, equestrian facilities, spa, children's adventure playground and other leisure facilities.

A unique and iconic hotel designed by internationally acclaimed architect David Adjaye forms the heart of the Princes Town resort and luxury residences. Set in 600 acres of beach-fronted land with a natural lagoon and palm groves, the Princes Town resort defines the Gold Coast Riviera, the most stunning coastline in the Western Region of Ghana.