Pizza Town


Pizza Town


Pizza Town is no ordinary pizza joint. It never has been, anyway. From being the first to give Ghanaians super-sized, extra large pizzas at reasonable prices to offering the best deals and specials and serving the very best pizza Accra has to offer, we have always been at the forefront of daring to be different. This time we are stepping it up a notch.

Pizza Town is headed in a new and totally different direction now. We are moving from just being a pizza joint to becoming a social media company that sells pizza. Our new focus is to put up posts on our social media platforms on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, that are non-offensive and uncontroversial yet interesting and engaging. We talk about anything. From the latest in fashion to sports; from entertainment to current affairs just to keep everyone informed. Basically, what we are asking is "what is going on around us?". Let's talk about it over some pizza.

Social media interaction has become so popular that it is now the number one activity on the web. We want to take advantage of this phenomenon. We will focus on interaction by using imagination and innovation to give out information which can serve as an inspiration to this generation so as to not have the "idiots" that Einstein feared.

Our shop at Pig Farm junction and this website are now merely outlets to get your pizza while we stay in touch the world. Apart from that, nothing else changes. We still give you the best pizza in town, still the super-sized, extra large pizzas and we still offer the best specials and deals in town too. And we still do deliveries as well.

Join us as we become as we become the most interactive pizza place in town. Let's get talking. Let's stay in the know and do it over some pizza, together.Getting a pizza has never been more valuable.

Pizza Town REALLY is that good...and it just keeps getting better!