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Golden Bean Hotel


About Us

Golden Bean Hotel is located in a serene environment of Kumasi Nhyiaeso, 2km from the Central Business District and a 15 minutes drive from the Kumasi Airport using the Southern exit from the City Centre of Kumasi.

The Golden Bean Hotel has been structured to give you a feel of a home. Its business but yet homely and friendly ambience is complimented by a highly trained staff.

Our Accommodation, Restaurant and Bars, Conference, Lush Garden, Fitness centre and Swimming Pool facilities offer reliable and efficient services topped up with an attitude for your total care and satisfaction.

Our eager staff is ever prepared to go the extra mile to ensure your care and safety in the warmest and pleasant environment.

At Golden Bean Hotel we treat you as our personal responsibility

Our Facilities

"Golden Bean Hotel's concepts and designs had you in mind! Your comfort, your entertainment, your relaxation and your security were all carefully thought through to give you the ultimate hospitality that goes beyond your expectation."

Meeting & Events

Meetings, discussions and debates are the womb in which decisions that go to affect the fortunes of a person, community, a nation and the world is birthed. The names of our meeting rooms draw strength from achievers in the global cocoa industry. The business-like but yet relaxed mood created in our meeting rooms engulfs you in tranquility.

  • Van Houten Boardroom
    The 20 seater VAN HOUTEN BOARD ROOM designed for Executive and intimate meetings is dedicated to VAN HOUTEN the Dutch Chemist who introduced the treatment of cocoa mass with alkaline salts to remove the bitter taste and make cocoa solids more water soluble.
  • Mayan Conference room
    The 50 medium seater "MAYAN MEETING ROOM" derives its name from the Maya tribe which promoted the use of cocoa and saw it as a literal gift from the heavens.
  • Tetteh Quarshie Conference room
    The 200 seater "TETTEH QUARSHIE CONFERENCE ROOM" is named after the illustrious son of Ghana, who introduced cocoa to the Gold Coast from Fernando Po it offers full audio-visual services for meetings.


The elegantly appointed guest rooms are decorated in an inviting turn -of -the-century style.

Dark wood furnishing, White crown molding, Stylish light fixtures, Muted colour schemes, Authentic admirable artwork.

  • Executive Suite
    Two 40" Flat screen TV with multiple channels, Mini Bar, Tea and coffee facility, Internet, Lounge, Balcony, Kingsize Bed, Convertible Sofa
  • Deluxe Rooms
    Two 40" Flat screen TV with multiple channels, Mini Bar, Tea and coffee facility, Internet, Lounge, Balcony, Kingsize Bed.
  • Superior Rooms
    One 40" Flat screen TV with multiple channels, Mini Bar, Tea and coffee facility, Internet, Kingsize Bed, Sofa.
  • Standard Rooms
    Standard Bed, 32" Flat screen TV with multiple channels Mini Bar, Tea and coffee facility, Internet, Sofa.
  • Aide Rooms
    Single Bed, 32" Flat screen TV with multiple channels, Mini Bar, Tea and coffee facility, Internet, Sofa.

Restaurant and Bars

Our desire is to spoil you for choice

  • Montezuma II Restaurant
    As far back as the 2nd century, the Aztec people added various seasonings to cocoa to make a spicy and frosty drink they called chocolatl. Their Emperor, Montezuma II drank large doses and served some to his guests in golden goblets, treating it like food for the gods. Inspiration is drawn from the Aztec people and their Emperor in the hotel's signature fine dining restaurant to provide international cuisine fused with a touch of Africa.
  • Adehyee garden and terrace
    The Ashanti Region is reputably the cultural heart- beat of Ghana and the land of the 'Golden Stool'. The cultural dynamics of the society here is steep deep in its royalty; epitomized by the leadership role their spiritual leader, the Ashantehene plays. Our lush, well-manicured and spacious lawn gives that impression of royalty allowing much more ample space for regal expression. We have taken leadership in out-door-event hosting in Kumasi.
  • Enchi Bar
    A few steps from our welcoming lobby and slightly raised on a platform, is the Enchi Bar. The district of Enchi and its people are recognised in the Golden Bean Hotel set up for their role as the leading cocoa producing district in Ghana. The Enchi Bar, apart from its smoothest of drinks it offers, gives you an opportunity to witness the verdant view of the world from the Golden Bean Hotel.
  • New Edubiase Pool Side Bar
    As a testament to New Edubiase's achievement as the leading cocoa producing district in the Ashanti Region, our pool bar has been named after this blooming farming community. Lying in the forest zone of the region and blessed with luscious hills and streams flowing from the mountainous slopes. The architectural dots and lines of the pool side, the vibrant colours and the 21st century style, give semblance to our rural setting and give you a deeper meaning of sunshine and afford you an out-of-door entertainment and swimming facilities for adults and children.