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The Power of Knowing


The Power of Knowing

Hey ... hey ... hey ... whats all this? Slow down ... be assured you are in safe hands. You've just accessed a beautiful experience. Oh yes, you have, you'll see just give it time.

We created this page to give some kind of idea to y'all who have found this site perhaps by some miracle, word of mouth or through our pals at google and yahoo and bing and eeeeehhhmmm, yep thats about it or?

Buzztrick is a proof of concept data aggregation app developed by a group of multi-talented multi-nationals for Africa. However, in this pilot edition, Ghana has been chosen to "proof this concept" being that, some order of information can be put together and represented in the most simple intuitive way, making it useful to whoever, where ever for free ... always!

You . . . did not really get it did you? hold on let me get "Stinger" to get this over with.

Stinger: He meant it's a site that collects and stores data across the internet as well as from the community and represents it to you in a much intelligent and fun way, so we can all learn, create and most importantly share!

Me: Thanks bro, that should do it!

So, if you've ever sought for some "basic" information in most parts of Africa, say news centered around the remotest of communities, or what kind of facilities or "places" are around you, you would realize that it's a very difficult task. The reason ...  it's pretty much very simple; it simply isn't there or at least it's not intuitive enough so you could readily extract whichever information you seek.

That's where Buzztrick comes in. We take this data, examine it, sort it, relate it to each other and represent it in such a way that, all the pieces of data scattered all over the internet, now becomes easy-to-get harmonious information which correlates and makes perfect sense!

And when we talk "we", we are referring to people like you, yes you. Its people like you who build Buzztrick and its simple. Just share with the rest of the world places around you where you shop, hit the gym, take french lessons or even have your hair fixed. Every place matters!

Now thats "The Power of Knowing".

For starters, we are aggregating data of type News, People, Things, Places and Events, plus we threw in some social activity as well, so that you, the user can also correlate better with other users as well as the content. All this becomes possible with our multi-platform app which includes a mobile app for Web, Android, Windows as well as IOS, ... Oh and your tablets are supported too! 

So who does all this again? Everyone from me to "Stinger" to "Piet" to our dev team to you and everybody out there. We all contribute a piece of information at a time.

You must have figured out some basic features like creating an account, having "your say" about places and so much more goodies is missing. Keep in touch and do visit us again, cos there is so much more coming your way. 

In the mean time, should you have any questions, comments, suggestions, complaints, desires, wishes, thoughts or anything you would like to communicate to us, please drop us a line via We will be honoured to hear from you.