Prof. Delle must stop pretending and address CPP issues Lucy Anin


Prof. Delle must stop pretending and address CPP issues Lucy Anin

A member of the Council of Elders of the opposition Convention Peoples Party (CPP), Lucy Anin is accusing the chairman, Professor Edmund Delle, of deliberately ignoring complaints of vote buying at the national delegate congress held in January.

According to her, Samia Nkrumah and Bright Akwetey, both aspirants then, alleged that delegates were bribed to vote for Ivor Greenstreet during the Saturday, January, 30 congress - a claim he has denied.

In an article, Mrs. Anin said she expected the national chairman to acknowledge the complaints of the two aspirants and refer to the appropriate party organ forthem to be investigated. But this has not been done, she noted.

She called on thechairman towith immediate effect, address all outstanding complaints in the party so that it will go into the November 2016 election with a united front.

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7th April 2016


Once again, and in the interest of peace and unity in our party, I feel compelled to call on Professor Edmund Delle the leader and national chairman of the CONVENTION PEOPLES PARTY (CPP) to render an unqualified apology to Ms. Samia Yaba Nkrumah the former leader and national chairperson of the CPP.

In a recent interview, with a local Fm Radio station, the party leader lost his temper and in a fit of uncontrolled emotional public outburst addressed Ms. Samia in a manner which has been condemned as hugely embarrassing and insulting to a good many loyal party member and a section of the Ghanaian public.

In a rare public outburst, so unusual and so uncharacteristic of his observed public image, our learned professor, and party leader described Samia as an UNRULY person and threatened very ominously to deal drastically with her for as long as he the professor remained chairman and leader of the CPP.

What has deeply aroused my deep sense of indignation over this public outburst is our party leaders refusal to recognize and admit his fault let alone to render an unqualified apology to Samia and to our party which has suffered a tarnished public image as a result of our party leaders public outburst.

To me our learned professor's intransigence over this issue, his apparent lack of remorse for the emotional damage done to Samia and the tarnished image suffered by the party he leads raises serious doubts in my mind over the professors ability to successfully lead a mass democratic party like ours in modern day Ghana. I wonder also whether our new leader has come to office with a hidden agenda unknown to us ordinary rank and file members of our party. Or have the political forces which brokered his election victory at the last Sunyani congress succeeded in unleashing a Trojan Horse on us in our partys most unguarded moments of vigilance?

These questions become relevant and pertinent when viewed from the backdrop of the unfolding events a few days proceeding the last party congress to elect a new flag bearer.

The spate of intense anti Samia bashing proceeding the congress and spearheaded by Professor Delle himself the unsuccessful attempt by some party elements to foist on the party a new claimant to the Nkrumah dynasty by a person with no proven identity, a shadowy phantom figure whose claim to significance lies in the fact that it took him forty or more years after the death of his father to emerge from obscurity to lay claim to his share of his fathers estate.

One cannot help but recall the shameful and sordid manner in which our eminent professor has handled the case for which reason I am calling on him to apologize to Samia and the party.

When Samia and Mr. Bright Akwetey, the two losing contestants at our last congress to elect a new flagbearer, complained against the contentious election victory of Mr. Ivor Greenstreet, congress should have at least acknowledged their complaint and referred the matter to the appropriate party organ to deal with.

That our party leader failed to deal expeditiously with the matter, to my mind, constitutes a serious case of gross dereliction of leadership responsibility.

I believe strongly that our party leaders thinly veiled attempt to sweep the matter under the carpet are all part of an orchestrated attempt to sideline Samia and reduce her influence in the party. Our party leaders pronounced intentions to deal drastically with Samia for as long as he remains chairman and leader of the party say it all and fits perfectly into a carefully conspired game plan to ruin the former leader.

Our eminent professor keeps reminding all of us that Osagyfo the founder of the CPP did not will the party to his children on his death. True, and how grateful we must all be to Osagyfo who in his infinite wisdom saw it wise not to will the party to our learned professor or to me or to anybody else .

The CPP our great political heritage has over the years since Osagyfos death depended for its survival on successive generations of ordinary men and women who honestly believe in the partys cherished principles and are liberated from ideologies of an opposite or spurious nature and are also prepared to defend this heritage from becoming a mere appendage of any other political party, especially those which seek to corrupt the moral resolve of our members through fraudulent financial and material inducement .

It is for this and many other pertinent reasons that our party should continuously caution against arrogance divided party loyalty, tribalism, and corruption which like malignant cancerous tumors keep spreading in our body politic.

Personally, I find my party leaders fixed and inflexible position in this matter rather puzzling, especially as he has always presented himself in public as a man with a stable personality not given to sudden swings in mood and in temperament.

His observed poor personal relationship with Samia is so untypical of his known nature, and that is the more reason why I cannot accuse him of presenting a new image of himself as a man with a bossy temperament, intolerant of opposition especially from women, a man used to ordering women about, HE who must be obeyed, the all too patronizing chauvinistic male human species whom women the world over, are up in arms against in their legitimate fight for gender parity and equality.

Not even the most uncharitable anti-Samia elements in our party can fail to admit that Samia is no ordinary member of the party to be shouted at and, publicly reprimanded and ordered about.

She is the outgoing party leader who against all odds held the party together, preserved its fragile unity, defended its independence and unique political identity, managed its desert economy judiciously and sustained its survival long enough to attract new leadership to take over.

Since joining the party, Samia has also brought onboard a new hope in the youth because of her demonstrated and strong determination to fight corruption and defend the identity and integrity of the party from being submerged. She has also brought onboard a new aura of residual charisma a rare natural attribute inherited from her father .

She is probably the only politician today whose personal charm modesty and popularity cuts across the racial-ethnic and cultural divisions in our society. These to me are useful human attributes worth exploiting by any political party which is serious and determined to capture political power.

Samia has also gained popularity and great experience in the management of party affairs. It will be politically unwise self-defeating , divisive and mischievous for our party leader to set out to deliberately create an artificial rift in the party in the hope of sidelining her, especially as he the new leader is claiming to be ready to unify the fragmented front of the Nkrumahist political forces .

Charity begins at home our leader must remember that there is political power out there to be captured by our party for the benefit and common good of this nation .For our leader to be able to get on top of his assigned responsibilities, he will need full corporation from all experienced hands , including Samiahs hands.

Talking about mischief reminds me of our leader's recent declaration that, I have been officially suspended from membership of the Council of Elders of our party and can therefore not advice him or comment on matters concerning our party.

This allegation has come as a complete surprise to me. Our chairman should be informed that I have not been suspended from membership of the council of elders and I continue to carry a valid party membership card.

Whoever therefore gave our leader that information about me told him a blatant lie. It is rather unfortunate our party leader did not find it worthwhile to check on the accuracy of this piece of mischievous information, a fatal slip which has exposed him to the charge of being a peddler of falsehood and misinformation.

Our party leader should admit that whoever whispered that lie about me, into his pliant ears was a mischievous character, a shadowy coward and a discredited informant whose word our leader should never entertain.

I need not remind our leader that my public image and standing in our party has been grievously tarnished as a result of his allegation. In the interest of true party comradeship and corporation, I wish to invite our leader to rescind those libelous allegations against me accompanied by a due apology.

In conclusion, may I remind our leader that Samias membership of our party constitutes a great asset which needs to be exploited for the benefit of our party? Your recent public angry outburst against her, the hostile confrontational manner you addressed her in public, your threat to deny her legitimate constitutional co-operation in running the affairs of our party, all run in total conflict with cherished party goals and aspirations.

Besides your own expressed new visionary aim of bringing unity to the fragmented Nkrumahist forces does not seem to conform to reality on the ground. Some party members also find your leadership style as intolerant of constructive criticism and an inability to accommodate dissenting viewsespecially when these legitimately expressed views emanate from women.

I, therefore, advise you to seriously consider offeringa due apology and get us all started afresh.




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