Capcom unveils Street Fighter V Collectors Edition, exclusive costumes


Capcom unveils Street Fighter V Collectors Edition, exclusive costumes

Street Fighter V might not ship until next spring, but that doesnt mean Capcoms keeping fans of the long-running fighting game series in the dark until then. We already know that the game is exclusive to Playstation 4 and PC, it will feature the highly anticipated return of Ken, and the beta launch bombed big time. Now, though, thanks to a post by the game company, we also have details about the Collectors Set as well as store exclusive costume content.

The Collectors Edition will include the game as well as a 10-inch-tall Ryu statue in his pre-fight stance, a 48-page artbbook featuring behind-the-scenes images of the games journey to digital life, and code cards for other content including a sampling of Udons Street Fighter comics, a soundtrack sampler, and a one-month subscription to Twitchs Capcom Fighters channel (which is actually included in every copy of the game, not just the big box set).

In addition to showing off the box set items, the company announced the store-specific alternate Battle Costumes for some of the franchises most iconic characters. Gamestop has a grizzled, long-training Ryu, Best Buy buyers will get Cammy in mission gear, Amazon features M Bison in black duds, while PC Digital and PlayStation Store purchasers will both get a black dress for Chun-Li.

The game, which is schedule to hit stores in March of next year, will also feature Nash, Birdie, Necalli, Vega and R Mika. Anyone who pre-orders any version of the game gets access to the beta, which was taken down, fixed, and put back online on August 28.