Canceled Silent Hills makes Easter egg appearance in Metal Gear Solid V


Canceled Silent Hills makes Easter egg appearance in Metal Gear Solid V

While it looks like well never get to play the full version of the Silent Hills game Hideo Kojima was developing (and Konami axed after their partnership fell apart), the short legacy that was PTlives on in the new Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. This isnt anything spoilertastic to the plot, so dont worry, butthis Easter egg is definitely worth checking out.

It appearsearly on inPhantom Pain. When youre exploring Angola-Zaire Border Region, you can explore a shack in the Ngumba Industrial Zone. Inside is a radio broadcasting news from obviously not that region. But its a story abouta rash of killings involving families, and fathers murdering their wives and children in very horrific and brutal ways. Its the story of PT.

Last year Konami released, and has since removed, the playable teaser (PT) for their next-gen, now shelved,Silent Hills game. In it, you play as a male protagonist who wakes up in a house and is caught in an endless hallway. When you come across a radio, you hear reports (not too dissimilar to the ones found in thisMGSVEaster egg) of fathers who have committed familicide. You eventually escape the loop and explore the rest of the house, where you encounter bloody paper bags, a talking fetus in a sink, and the ghost of Lisa, the murdered wife. The announcer on the radio eventually speaks directly to you, revealing that you have been chosen, most likely as the next in the line of evil killers.It was insanely creepy and lauded as one of the best video game trailers of 2014.

This wouldnt be the first time Kojima, who is highly self referential,enclosed something like this in his games. InMetal Gear Solid V:Ground Zeroes, Kojimaleft a trail of clues hinting at the potential splitbetween him and Konami. Theres even been sightings of the ghost from PT.

Phantom Pain comes out today, and is already getting great reviews. Sadly, itwill most likely be Kojimas last game in the franchise.