Add-on turns World of Warcraft into a story-driven RPG


Add-on turns World of Warcraft into a story-driven RPG

World of Warcraft has a very rich storyfor a game that is primarily about grinding and raiding. The lore throughout the game, which drives quests and expansions, is often overlooked by players who just want to bang out their daily rituals and eventually get the biggest, baddest armor set they can find. The reason some players (like myself) may overlook some of the amazing story-driven content written into WoW may be because of a simple graphical issue.

Welcome to Storyline, an add-on byKajisenseiwhich turns the quest dialogue interface into something akin of a classic RPG. It puts the quest box front and center, with the avatars on either side, and text that wipes in as it progresses. Very Dragon Age-like. Its such a simple enhancement that completely changes the way you view WoW.

Storyline streamlines the way you turn in quests, choose your rewards, and interact with NPCs. The 3D-rendered avatars of your toon and the quest-giver brings WoW in line with other popular RPGs. Even after just trying it out for a test drive, the game felt completely different, more immersive, and gave greater weight to the quests and story behind them.

World of Warcraft has seem some major upgrades since the original game debuted in 2004 and revolutionized the way of MMORPGs. But the game has been having a difficult time retaining subscribers. With a new expansion on the way, and a highly praised (at least in the visual effects department) film setto come out next year, Blizzard is still putting a lot of time and money into their breadwinner. Its great that they allow third party developers to create add-ons, visual and strategic enhancements that allow players to really customize how they play WoW. Maybe this is something they might want to consider when they introduceLegion.