Ghana Must Change Black Star In Flag To Gold Says Actor Mr. Ibu


Ghana Must Change Black Star In Flag To Gold Says Actor Mr. Ibu

Nollywood actor, John Okafor popularly known as Mr. Ibu has made a passionate appeal to the Government of Ghana to change the the black star at the centre of the countrys flag to gold.

His argument, he said stems from the belief that the black star in Ghanas flag is the cause of the country's woes.

Mr. Ibu speaking on Adom FM's Entertainment Hall argued that the fortunes of Ghana will be bright as soon as the nation changes the black star to gold.

As soon as Ghana changes the black star to gold, they will see a different Ghana, he told host, Mike 2.

He continued that since everyone prays to God to have a shining star, he could not fathom why the country is having a black star in the middle of their flag.

Black star means somebody whose luck is not shinning and everybody has a star either on their forehead or palm so if Ghana produces gold which shines everywhere, why would your star be black? he quizzed.

Mr. Ibu who claims to love Ghana so much said any black man who uses black star can never see the light adding that since Ghana produces Gold, it was improper to keep the black star in the flag.

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