Solomon Nkansah Fights NDC Organiser


Solomon Nkansah Fights NDC Organiser

Solomon Nkansah

The perceived rift between Solomon Nkansah, the Communications Officer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), and the Western Regional Youth Organiser of the party was taken to another level last Wednesday when Nkansah virtually insulted the youth organiser on radio.

The NDC communications officer described the Western Regional Youth Organiser, Youknows Mohammed, as an irresponsible person who is creating a mess in the NDC in Western Region.

Solomon Nkansah could not fathom why the regional youth organiser has always been complaining to the youth of the party in the area about being sidelined and the alleged negative attitudes of some party executives in the region.

You will find Mohammed always complaining to the youth about one thing or the other instead of encouraging the youth to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the oil and gas businesses in the region, he noted.

He continued: If you work hard, people will help you. Even those of us in Accra, the party people dont just give us money. You need to present your strategic plan of action for consideration.

Solomon Nkansah, a former NDC Western Regional Youth Organiser, stated further: I told some party people in the region that when Mohammed becomes regional youth organiser, he will create a mess in the party.

Genesis of the Rift

DAILY GUIDE gathered that prior to the election of new officers of NDC in Kumasi, majority of the party delegatesfrom the WesternRegion campaignedagainst Solomon Nkansah who was vying for theposition of the national communicationsofficer.

Notable among the perceived detractors of Nkansah was YouknowsMohammed, the currentWestern Regional YouthOrganiser. He allegedly vowed to ensureNkansah did not win theposition.

Even though thosealleged detractors of Nkansah did notexplain their action,DAILY GUIDE gatheredthat some of the NDCactivists in the region consideredhimas an arrogant person.

Others have also alleged that he has decided to take Mohammed to the cleaners because he has been condemning the attitudes of some kingpins in the region, including the Regional Minister, Paul Evans Aidoo.

Speaking on Skyy Power FM in Takoradi,

Nkansah indicated that the performance of Mohammed as youth organiser in the region had been abysmal because he (Mohammed) had a lot of private issues he could not resolve.

Mohammed should either quit and concentrate on solving his problems or stop complaining, he added.

From Emmanuel Opoku, Takoradi