I Dunked My Nails in Freezing Water (and You Should Too)


I Dunked My Nails in Freezing Water (and You Should Too)

I recently read that you can dry your nails extra quick by submerging them in ice cold water. A chronic paint my nails right before I go to sleep kind of person, this was high on my list of beauty hacks to try. I own and use drops that work well, but really, who can resist a good (free) hack?

Once my nails were prepped, I reread the notes I had taken. It was suggested the water should be cold, like ice-cold. And that you should wait around five minutes for your nails to dry before dunking them in shallow, ice-cold water in your sink for at least three minutes. Sounded easy enough.

It turned out my nails were pretty much dried by the time my five minutes were up. If this were a test, I definitely would have failed the first half.

Determined to try the trick, I painted my other hand and waited only three minutes. Enter fail #2: No stopper in the sink. I filled up a cup big enough to fit all five fingerswith LOTS of iceand submerged my nails. I might have gone overboard with the ice, because my fingers went numb less than one minute in. After pulling my nails out immediately after three minutes, I began to touch my nails like a huge skeptic.

Initially, I thought my fingerprints were sticking, which is my least favorite form of a smudged manicure. Let your nails air dry for a few seconds before wiping them off and they should be good to go, totally dry in just minutes.

Verdict: This trick works.

My advice?

Next time you give yourself an at-home mani, give it a try!

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