Watch the Official Teaser For a Game-Changing Documentary About Plus-Size Models


Watch the Official Teaser For a Game-Changing Documentary About Plus-Size Models

The plus-size model movement has been steadfastly on its way to having a revolution. Faces like Tess Holliday, Jennie Runk, Ashley Graham, and Candice Huffine (the latter two graced the recent viral Lane Bryant body-positive lingerie ad) are changing mainstream body ideals by just existing, so its only fitting that a game-changing documentary tell their stories. Coming next summer, Jessica Lewis Straight/Curve will explore the world of plus-size modeling, and discuss the trials and tribulations of the industrys talent.

The day where we dont get so excited about seeing a plus-size model in a magazine is the day weve made it, model Georgina Burke says in the official teaser for the film.

Its true. Its largely still considered a big deal for a fuller-figured woman to cover a glossy. The insider doc aims to dive deep into what needs to be done to disrupt the thin-centric modeling milieu through the eyes of models, agents, photographers, and clients: larger sample sizes, the removal of plus-size boards and the eventual integration of all models at agencies, and making plus-size model appearances in high profile media a non-event. Lewis says her film is an examination of the relationship between fashion, the media, and body image.

This generation of models is ready to usher in a new definition of beautyone that is all inclusive and supports positive body ideals and self-acceptance, Lewis, who has been a straight-size and plus-size model for over 15 years, told Glamour. The fashion industry needs to be reflective and representative of the diversity that exists in present-day society.

This sounds awesome, and is so necessary. I cant wait to see it. For now, check out the teaser below:


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