Ghana's official 'Get out of traffic free' vehicle


Ghana's official 'Get out of traffic free' vehicle

Wondering if you read the caption right? Yes, you very well did. It's official, if you own a Toyota Land Cruiser or you intend to purchase one, if you are usually late gettiing to where ever you go on a daily basis because you don't set off early and get stuck in heavy traffic anywhere in the capital, then you are in luck. It really doens't matter where you are going, what you are going to do, just get the vehicle in the direction of on coming traffic and away you go. 

It's very common these days to see one of these  vehicles headed your lane at top speed, blowing it's horn almost synchronously and expecting to you to ditch your vehicle or person into what ever bush or pedestrian traffic is closest so he can pass. The occupants seem to always be in a hurry to get something of utmost importance done, like get to work in the morning although they set off late, get their kids to school on time, get to that very regular lunch, rendezvous with a girllfriend for a quickie when their wives are at home or most importantly on those days when your tummy is king and the 'white pot' is the most important object in your life, just get into that small room (large room for those who can afford a Land Cruiser) and pay allegiance where it's due.

Usually, all the glasses have been tinted so you don't really see who or what's in it. The vehicle most often does not have insurance or road worthiness stickers, but in place of that, some sticker that bares the nation's colours and some traditional stool of some sort, which makes many of us believe they are owned by government officials. Afterall, almost every one who matters or does not even matter owns one.

I really don't know what influenced these nation-wreckers (sorry builders) choice in building their taste for the Land Cruiser. But when I think about it, if you consider how terrible our roads are these days, where we are slowly trasitioning from pot holes to man holes and craters and how delicate their bodies are, (especially their waist area) then they surely deserve a vehicle that can carry them around in comfort as they sit around around do nothing and watch the nation implode.

If you ask me, I'll tell you the haste with which these vehicles always seem to want to move to "supposedly" get official work done, if this haste was translating into economic growth at the same pace which resulted in my dear poor Ghana moving forward, I would't mind at all. But with all this haste, it seems the nation is not really any close to that speed in terms of moving forward. Some may even argue we have regressed. But that also depends on which direction you've positioned your mouth and pockets because I can tell you for a fact that the situation is not so bad for some selected and priviledged few.

And with all the traffic jams these days, I might just get me into some party colours and get myself a Land Cruiser too, I also need to go some place very quickly!