Item of the Day: Social Trend App Vs’


Item of the Day: Social Trend App Vs’

Okay. So you guys know how much I love apps. They are so. much. fun. I pretty much love anything that gives me an excuse to be on my phone constantly. Twitter is one of those applications.

Well, there is this new app out there that helps you find out what is popular on Twitter. Yeah. Yeah. I know they have Trending Topics listed on your sidebar, but Vs is much more than that. It allows you to pit two celebs, sports teams, artistsbasically anythingagainst one another. Then it delivers the analytics to your phone. So you can see what people on Twitter think about, oh I dont know, The Wanted vs. One Direction.

This kind of app is perfect for anyone who absolutely loves pop culture and especially for those trying to make a living off of itlike me! You can find out what it is that people want to hear about and stay on top of the hottest trends all in the palm of your hand.

The app just went live on 6/25, so be the first to snatch it for FREE at the App Store!

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