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Getting to know Buzztrick


Getting to know Buzztrick

Buzztrick is a sparkling new social content aggregation and sharing platform designed to make invaluable information available to anyone at anytime and at any place.

Buzztrick main objective is to solve a very nagging problem with access to basic information especially in Africa, using the internet and the most dedicated and talented team of multi-national individuals all contributing something special to make this concept a reality. Plus it’s free and accessible via web, tablet and mobile.

What all this means is Buzztrick helps you keep track of the news you love, those breath-taking places around you worth checking out and the events happening around you all backed by a vibrant social community, that keeps the ‘buzz’ going.

Buzztrick's news feeds are sourced from various sites across the internet. We aggregate only the best content so you always have the best experience reading only what really matters the most to you. We highly recommend you visit partner websites to read full articles, however our quick read service is always at your disposal. It's worth mentioning here that, although buzztrick manages it's own news feed where we share some great buzz articles, a majority of the articles showcased are sourced from external sources and we highly encourage users to visit these sites for more of such great articles.

Buzztrick here, serves as a means of getting a very good overview of what is trending across the internet. Fact is, if we love the stories from these sites then so would you.

The community is a potential 300,000 and growing very quickly split into 65% – 75% local users and the rest a multinational group of ‘buzzers’.